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When you contact us for the first time with your booking dates we will arrange a date and time for an initial consultation visit. We will also send you our client registration, terms and conditions and vet consent forms which we ask you to complete and sign before your consultation.



Early booking is advisable to avoid disappointment, as we do limit the number of bookings we take at any one time. This ensures that each cat receives a sufficient amount of time and attention


Initial Consultation Visit


During the visit we will check through your completed forms, clarify any outstanding details and hope to meet your cats.



You will be required to pay a £25 non-refundable deposit. The deposit must be paid at this visit as it confirms your booking. Our minimum charge for a first booking is £25.










For all other bookings, which we accept in good faith, we do not require a deposit or charge a cancellation fee.


Regular clients benefit by being able to make bookings at short notice if HappyCat already holds a set of your keys.


Courtesy Call


We give all clients a courtesy call 2 - 3 days prior to their departure, confirming our first visit of the booking. This also gives you the opportunity to let us know of any changes to your cats feeding requirements etc.














Christmas and New Year


This time of year is very busy. A £25 deposit will be required at the time of booking. This is NOT refundable if you cancel after December 4th.


This cancellation policy is to avoid us turning away genuine bookings.


Please Note


Leaving us a message or sending us an email does not confirm any dates you are requesting. ALL bookings will be confirmed by text message or email.

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